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R-34 Foremost Becker Hammer AP1000

Earth Drilling’s Becker Hammer drill rigs are built to drill through unconsolidated and gravel formations and have been used for a variety of applications, including: mineral exploration, gravel exploration, geological engineering, pile driving, soil investigation, well installation and large diameter pumping well installation. The percussion hammer drill uses a powerful double-acting diesel pile driving hammer to drive dual wall steel drive pipe into the ground while reverse air circulation removes formation material to clear the borehole. The hammer generates 8,100 ft. lbs. of force with each blow and delivers up to 95 blows per minute. The Becker Hammer rig’s bit and outer wall of the drive pipe are about the same diameter allowing the drive pipe to remain in continuous contact with the borehole, eliminating the risk of the borehole collapsing. In addition, advancing driving pipe will seal off intervals of contamination of soil and/or groundwater contamination, minimizing the potential for cross-contamination.

Earth Drilling’s Becker Hammer rigs are also equipped to handle a third steel casing of flush threaded steel pipe, around the dual wall drive pipe. The triple-wall casing system can be used in a variety of applications, most notably, drilling and installing large diameter pumping wells.

Rig Dimensions

  • Weight: 29,090 kg
  • Height: 3.96 m 13 ft
  • Tower Height: 11.78 m 36 ft 8 in
  • Length: 11.6 m 38 ft
  • Width: 2.44 m (11.6 m in spec sheet) 8 ft


  • Percussion Hammer: 8,100 ft lbs
  • Hoist Capacity - Pullback: 75,400 lbs
  • Hoist Capacity - Pulldown: 33,000 lbs
  • Compressor: Air Flow: 900 cfm Pressure: 350 psi
  • Ground Pressure: 20.56 lbs / sq in

Customized Features

  • Kenworth Construct

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